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In a world of bots, we provide timely, live, and personalized human help

In a world of bots, we provide timely, live, and personalized human help

To empower individuals to help others in need by enabling them to share their knowledge, passions, hobbies and life experiences.

What is LyveBee?
LyveBee is a person to person marketplace where customers are remotely connected in real-time with skilled consultants to receive timely personalized solutions.

At some point, everyone needs or can provide help to others. LyveBee is a marketplace that allows individuals in need of help to discover and connect with professionals or hobbyists who can provide that help digitally. For our service providers, LyveBee allows them to quickly and easily onboard, market themselves digitally, become discoverable, operate and get paid online, thus reducing downtime and providing new income opportunities. For everyone else, LyveBee allows them to search for and connect with a person who can digitally provide help, in a manner that is convenient, accessible and affordable.

B2B Sales Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

Principle Engineer- Backend Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB Stack

UI/ UX Designer

Principle Engineer- Frontend Angular

Mobile Engineer

Neeraja Mohanrao

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Maria Babak

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Jarvin Arcilla

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Worked at Keywords Studios, Telus International, Citibank NA, Experience with credit cards, Content Management, Customer Service.