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Senior Backend Engineer

$130k – $180k • 0.05% – 0.3%
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Want to help end ticket-scalping and ticket-fraud?

Want to watch the software you build immediately get put to use at the highest levels of the music industry? If there is popular music event or festival that is sold out, we are most probably close partners, think biggest names in the industry!

Want to join a team of hard working, fun loving people who are still a little weird and know how to both ship rock solid code and not take life too seriously?

The Lyte engineering team is scrappy crew of technology professionals who have experience across the early stage startup realm. We are looking for talented senior server engineers to help us continue to scale our application stack. Our core engineering problems includes but not limited to: Implementing fair market systems to to match supply and demand, identifying and matching same experience passes cross all existing markets, deriving meaningful metrics of performances and reporting, interacting with sets of different sorts of external api's to conduct ticketing transactions, as well as dipper insights into events.

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you are:

* Someone who understands Python/Django inside and out including Django ORM and will likely have 5+ years experience with.
* Knowledgeable about API creation
* Have basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JS, CSS, HTML5
* Experienced with Celery or equivalent
* Have test writing and debugging skills
* Have understanding of application architectures and approaches such as SOA, microservices, monoliths with ability to choose preferred ones
* Knowledgeable of CI, CD and other processes based on DevOps philosophy
* Experienced with Linux and one of clouds (we are using AWS)
* Have understanding of Docker and containerization

* Familiar with other web-frameworks, programming languages and paradigms
* Experienced with load testing and profiling
* Knowledgeable of React.js or other MVVM UI frameworks

Responsibilities Would Include:
* Writing reusable, testable and efficient code

* Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability and performant code

* Design and develop efficient API based on RESTFul principles

* Integration of data storage solutions based on PostgreSQL and Redis

* Code review

* Design of new services and modules for existing ones

* Searching for performance bottle-necks and query optimization


- Competitive Salary including meaningful equity.
- Flexible Vacation policy, take the time you need.
- A mature team of people who realize that work life balance requires rigor, discipline and internal organization.
- Awesome opportunities to occasionally interact with all walks of life in the music industry.
- 2nd and Howard office location, easy access to major transit.
- Office provided snacks, food, occasional lunches, coffee, peer baked goods.
- Occasional happy hours but not an office dominated by the party vibe.
- Other cool industry perks that we will tell you about in an interview.

Note: All recruiting is handled by a seasoned dev who helps lead the team :)

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John Davison

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Senior Engineer & MBA, skilled with ruby, js, python, swift, technical recruiting and PM'ing, track record of shipping software that helps startups get funded.

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