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We're building Lyst because we believe in crafting a new way to shop - one that's centred around the user.

Our database of more than 5 million products is being built and updated mostly by spiders crawling web for data and since web is constantly changing, we need to remain vigilant. Things always break and we need to detect quickly where it happened across hundreds of robots and sites.

Work doesn’t end when data is fetched. Data is just the raw material starting its way on ‘conveyor belt’ of further processing that will normalize it, classify it, remove duplicates across retailers and countries and then examine for changes. Each step needs to be done with care and we try to be especially certain in understanding which products changed and how so that we can notify our users when their favorite item is back in stock or has been discounted. Nothing disappoints more than a false promise of a good deal or being offered a shirt that is so totally not you.

To handle this we invest a lot in machine learning. If you’re thinking SVMs, Random Forest, PCA, SVD, SGD, k-mean, KNN, function optimization, then yes, you will find them here. And we need them to scale which we achieve by creating small event-based services that communicate with each other.

Because we store too many products for anyone to list through, we need to help our customers find products they like. Our recommendation system, based on “Weighted Alternating Least Squares” and “Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback Datasets”, includes ranking and merchandising and we work hard to make it even better. Fashion is very personal so recommendations should be too.

Our London HQ is in the heart of Shoreditch, housed in an iconic building - formerly occupied by the White Cube Gallery - symbolising East London creativity. When we aren’t making shopping for fashion even better for our millions of customers, we have fun together with weekly yoga, poker, football, pub quizzes, etc.

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