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LYS Technologies wants to be the leader in Healthy Light

LYS Technologies wants to be the leader in Healthy Light

LYS Technologies aims to be the leader in Healthy Light. The company has built the world's first database on human exposure to light, both natural and artificial, in order to solve sleep and wake issues.

The company processes the collected data and performs purpose-built analyses in order to improve sleep, energy and productivity but also increase patient recovery times after surgery or the wellbeing of dementia patients. It sells this in the form of smart decision support systems to its clients.

The company serves mainly the Lighting industry, the Smart Buildings industry and Research & Academia.

LYS Technologies collects its proprietary data thanks to its own patented wearable light sensor called the LYS Button.

LYS Technologies was incorporated in 2016 and now has offices in London and Copenhagen. The team is multicultural, passionate and dynamic.

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