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George Bonebright

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Current: Lyra Health, Finance Manger UCLA Anderson MS Financial Eng, United States Naval Academy BS Electrical Eng.

Nina Levin

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Worked at Lyra Health

Shannon K'doah Range

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I design product solutions from the strategic "what should we build" level to the microinteractions level, always keeping the goal in mind. New portfolio!
UX Researcher specializing in emerging tech

Maja Falcon

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Head of Data and ML at Lyra Health. Formerly at Twitter and Apple

Adam Heymann

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Comprehensive brainstorming and R&D. Mindful planning and execution. Data-driven optimization and adjustment. These are the principles I use to generate growth.

Lily Keung

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Senior Analyst at Global Prior Art. MBA in Health Sector Management from Boston University. BS in Chemical Biological Engineering from MIT

Sergei Kuznetcov

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Full stack software engineer. Python&Flask, Java&Spring, JavaScript&ReactJS

Susan Wyatt

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Eddie Farah

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Full Stack, Big Data tools and technologies, M.S. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Okhtay Azarmanesh

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PhD Electrical Eng, Worked at an early stage startup for 2 years (back-end, hardware, algorithm, data analysis), another 3 years for a larger startup

Rona Jin

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Kelly Morgan

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B2B2C Marketer with 12 years experience in fast-growing mission-driven startups

Board members and advisors

Bob Kocher

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Venrock, Brookings, and Castlight to accelerate change in the health system! Two girls, Cindy, and an EPIC pass!

Bryan Roberts

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Former team

Matte Scheinker

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Nikita Desai

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Jessica Vernon

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