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LYK - Social Network with Privacy

LYK - Social Network with Privacy

LYK is a new age Social Network with Privacy where users can express, share, and connect with full freedom. LYK offers users a safe online social environment where they can control their online identity and visibility. Our unique privacy features enable users to manage their social networking experience. Our privacy features include: - LYK’s 5 levels of connections (close, close private, family, likeminded, and likeminded private) - Private message in group chat - Private comments on public posts - Choosing audiences for each post LYK also rewards users for their time with Wallet Points, through which user can unlock activities and redeem rewards or cash (Available in select countries only) LYK has over 550,000 registered users, with an average of 3000 daily active users and 50,000 monthly active users. Our community is growing faster every day.

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Patrick Amori

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Founder MOBE-X app accelerator program Mobile Evolution Marketing • Founder LYK app • Worked at @Lindblad Expeditions: A National Geographic Company
Founder @LYK , Multiple Entrepreneur, Mentor for Tech Startups, Investor, Internet & Social Addict