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Lux helps entrepreneurs turn breakthroughs into world-changing companies

Lux helps entrepreneurs turn breakthroughs into world-changing companies

We make long-term bets on contrarians and outsiders. We believe the next generation of industrialist titans will be scientists, technologists and inventors who are doing more than challenging the status quo—they’re literally challenging the laws of physics. We partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs who possess an exceedingly rare intellect, a creative imagination and a radical vision. They are driven by the notion that science is the great equalizer. They thrive in chaos. They are extraordinarily resilient. They work and play with knife-wielding robots, deadly lasers and contagious bacteria. Our goal is to accelerate the widespread adoption of their most promising creations. We take big risks on scientific and technological breakthroughs that have the potential for truly radical change.

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Zavain Dar

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Investor @Lux Capital Stanford Philosophy & CS, Adjunct Lecturer Cofounder, Fountainhop Data Scientist, Discovery Engine Data Driven Nihilist

Peter Hebert

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Peter is Co-Founder of Lux Capital and focuses on investments in technology and energy
Investor at Lux Capital