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Disrupting the bedding industry in LatAm

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You are thrilled about ecommerce and software? Founded in 2015, Luuna is a Mexico based Internet startup on a mission to help every Mexican achieve a peaceful night’s sleep. Regarding our engineering process, it helps us create the magic, so we take it seriously. We run agile sprints and ship code in production every week.

The core of our website is a cloud-based infrastructure using AWS and Node.js (ES6). Our front-end services are built using React, Bootstrap and GraphQL. And of course, we use Webpack to structure our build processes, both when we develop and when we release in production. We are always looking for improvement and new technologies that can simplify our lives.

Things you should know :
- We are resolute to be the company that is the most customer-centric in Mexico. As we can be stubborn regarding our mission, we aim to deliver the best customer experience in Mexico. We want to change how retail is done in Mexico.
- We were able to close a Seed round, and more recently, our Series A, which will allow us to grow our team, enhance our tech stack and launch exciting new projects.