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Luqo: the game platform for cooperative learning

Luqo: the game platform for cooperative learning

The shortage of teachers and the increasing workload is one of the biggest challenges across Europe. Digitalisations seems to be the solution: more and more schools (37% in 2018) use tables, resulting in learning with little social interaction. While tablets are good for individual learning, it’s isolating children.

Cooperative learning is the key. While making learning more fun, increasing self-confidence, motivation and ownership, teachers save time on preparation and repetitive support. Luqo does not have any manuals or tutorials for children, they need to discover it themselves while learning. Creating more valuable one-on-one time with teacher and child, thus making sure that no child is left behind, and each child can grow to their full potential.

While current cooperative learning solutions depend on teacher’s guidance, increasing their workload, Luqo makes it easy and accessible. Connect the four Luqo hit buttons to your own tablet and download the Luqo app. Place the tablet flat on the table, so the children can stand around in an instant social setting with their Luqo hit button, and you’re are good to go.

Luqo games are for pre-school until the age of 12, ranging in different topics like Language, Numeracy and Topography. Luqo games are based on the PIES theory of Kagan: each child has a specific role in the game, making them dependent on each other, while still being individually responsible of their own input. The roles rotate so there is no hierarchy, making them equal while they’re all playing and learning at the same time.

Luqo’s games and cooperative learning increase motivation, ownership, self-confidence and communication. Luqo is the first game platform that combines these core principles in an accessible and easy-to-use way. With Luqo, children are truly learning together on the same device.

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