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Avichal Garg

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@ElectricCapital; serial entrepreneur; former Director of Product at @Facebook, ex @Google

Nitesh Banta

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Co-founder and CEO @B12 and angel Investor. Previously investor @General Catalyst and co-founder at @Rough Draft Ventures, @Getaround, @summerworkation.

Ride Ventures

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early stage tech vc fund

Greg Arrese

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Founder, Ride Ventures-early stage vc tech fund 18+ yr hedge fund mgr w TMT & Consumer focus IPO, M&A, Capital Markets & Syndicate expertise Bucknell, HBS, CFA

Matt Lee

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Angel investor and VC. Product, Engineer & Tech Geek. @London Business School @Stern School of Business

SV Angel

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David King

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+ Founder/CEO at @Highlighter + Angel Investor + Founder/CEO at @Green Patch -> The Walt Disney Company + Product at @Google

Brianne Kimmel

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Founder of WorkLife Ventures, the first venture capital firm for the new era of builders, creators, and individual contributors
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