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Enhancing human performance through the power of sleep

Enhancing human performance through the power of sleep

Founded by scientists from Stanford University, Lumos is building a product to improve sleep through body clock reprogramming with groundbreaking patented technology from Stanford. Lumos works while you sleep, providing a reliable non-pharmaceutical sleep solution for everyone to get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling ready to take on the day. With years of R&D, Lumos now has its first product with an overwhelmingly high NPS score from early adopters. The product consists of hardware connected to an iOS app via Bluetooth. With excellent unit economics, the company is not far away from being profitable and financially resilient to external impacts. Through demonstrating the product’s efficacy in the hands of the US Army Special Operations Command, Lumos is financially supported by a Phase I grant from DoD, and are looking to get the Phase II and other NSF grants to fund the upcoming product development. With the early traction, Lumos is also in multiple conversations of partnership and potential M&A. To help fight the impact of COVID-19, Lumos is getting government grant funding to expand its current product to improve sleep for the healthcare workers and everyone during the stay-home period. The success of this product development phase will potentially bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of immediate revenue, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of revenue in the next 3-4 years, and eventually, serve 55 million Americans who are suffering from poor sleep.

Full-stack mobile developer (iOS)

Full-stack mobile developer (Android)

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• Trained as a biomedical scientist with 10 years of research experience at top universities in the U.S. and China. • Startup founder for 5 years.