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At-home health testing in minutes (YC S16)

At-home health testing in minutes (YC S16)

Luminostics has built a smartphone adaptor for at-home disease testing and health monitoring. Our product platform enables the 15-minute detection and/or quantitation of targets such as bacteria, viruses, hormones and proteins from a variety of liquid samples. A user will simply (i) add a small liquid sample to a single-use cartridge, (ii) load the cartridge into a phone case-like reusable smartphone adaptor, and (iii) press a button on an app to obtain a result in a few minutes. Luminostics' technology is based on light-emitting nanoparticles that can be super-sensitively detected using a smartphone camera after excitation with the phone's flash.

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CEO @Luminostics, 7 years' experience developing biosensing technologies, PhD in ChemE from @University of Houston
Co-founder and CTO of Luminostics. Expertise includes nanoparticle synthesis, assay development, point-of-care diagnostics, chemistry, image analysis.
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