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Packaging for online brands



Matt Lau

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Chief of Staff @Lumi

Molly Anderson

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I enjoy working with people, finding creative solutions, and building relationships. French fries are greater than onion rings. Happy to discuss further.

Anna Kim

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Supply Chain Specialist at Lumi.

Avery Antonio

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Supply Chain Management professional by day, addressing garment labor issues by creating meaningful content and clothes by night.

Brady Ouren

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▲ Developer ▲ Pragmatist ▲ Consultant ▲ Haskell / Elm / Python Web / Parsers / Infrastructure

Chelsea DeNoya

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Enterprise Account Executive

Lauren Tom

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Merchandising Designer at Lumi. Computer Science at Barnard.

Jackie Koch

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Team Builder | HR & Talent Leader

Will Brown

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Sales Director @Lumi Previously Events & Ops @Tilt, Partner Development & Launch @YPlan now Expansion & BD @Student.com

Daniel Binkoski

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I want to help save the world. Always trying to keep up on technology, climate change, economics, geopolitics, and sustainability.

Brandon Martin

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Lead engineer at Lumi, Inc.

Katelan Cunningham

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Editorial Director at @Lumi

Nicholas O'Neal Martin

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VP of Manufacturing @Lumi

Board members and advisors

Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

Former team

Spencer Nelson

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