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Paul Johnson

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Co-Founder + Head of Marketing & Sales, Lumanu. Experienced PM, PMM. MBA from Kellogg School of Management and worked at Bain, Symantec, GAP, E&J Gallo Winery
Founder and CEO of Lumanu. Worked at Google and McKinsey. Computer Science from MIT.


Arvid Ali

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Head of Talent

Nhan Nguyen

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CTO @Lumanu. First engineer @Addepar. MIT Math.

Anthony Sherbondy

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Senior software engineer. Previously @Sourceress, @Addepar, @RAVEL , @IBM Research, EE Phd @Stanford .

Joey Hiller

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Lead Product Designer at @Lumanu. Previously @RAVEL and @Daymen (JOBY, Lowepro, Acme Made)

Board members and advisors

Binh Tran

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Venture Partner @500 Startups, previously co-founder @Klout
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