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Usability & Customer Service Powerhouse

Usability & Customer Service Powerhouse

Lucky Orange will help you answer the question of why 99% of visitors that visit your site never turn into customers. Through visitor recordings, you can watch movies of how people actually use a website and find the true stumbling blocks to conversions. We aggregate that data into visual heatmaps (mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls) to see patterns of behavior. We also offer a full feature live chat support tool so website owners can reach out and engage with visitors on their site and even watch their screen as they chat with them. Our Form Analytics feature will show you the exact fields on your lead or conversion forms that cause people to abandon or struggle.

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Co-Founder of @Lucky Orange . Previously Director of Client Services at @Adknowledge.
Founder and technical wizard of @Lucky Orange. 15 Years Freelance Web Developer. Also spent 3 years rehabilitating aggressive dogs; think Cesar Millan.