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Ecosystem for conscious sleep

Ecosystem for conscious sleep

Seeing dreams is a human's natural ability as well as controlling them but the last requires more efforts. The ability to control the plot of your dream is called a lucid dreaming and our idea is to let people reach it easier. For this purposes, we built a headband wearable device that understands when a dream occurs and applies mild electric impulses which shift your mind in a state of a lucid dreaming. A session with our device could be compared to weeks of meditation and special techniques to induce lucid dreaming. This is a scientifically backed technology and proved by our 500 volunteers.

We focus on people's experience and build a hardware product along with a service where people learn how to make the most of their dreams and fight nightmares, entertain themselves, the benefit of dreams as a professional, get new skills and even live longer life thank lucid dreaming.

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Founder of conscious sleep ecosystem, establishing relationships with mindful corporations around the world, looking forward to new Dreamers.