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Lucas is a new and accessible way into homeownership.

Lucas is a new and accessible way into homeownership.

Lucas is introducing a new and accessible way into homeownership to young professionals through a Rent to Buy model. The purpose is to empower people in cities by providing them the ability to utilize part of their rent as an investment.

Using technology, Lucas makes the product accessible to the market and efficiently underwrites the transaction in a digital fashion. The product connects Buy to Rent real estate capital with Rent to Buy users and then acts as a bridge into full homeownership, working alongside with banks so they can access a mortgage when they choose to buy.

You would be joining a team of talent that combines serial fintech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, New York, Latin America, and Spain who are on a mission to solve a big problem in our society today.

Steven Aitkenhead

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Jorge Caceres

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Co-Founder at Lucas, managing and developing a real estate business that allows millenials to experience simple, affordable, and flexible homeownership.

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