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Mobile-based group management and communication

Mobile-based group management and communication

We offer the world's most advanced group management and group communication app (available both on mobile and on desktop), for free. It is built especially for people who need to build and interact with large (> 1,000 members) groups. We also solve a lot of problems that existing group management applications do not - e. g. sending messages only to a small cross-section of group members matching some criteria, set access control down to each member, sending SMS to users not online, offering group usage analytics. Those are just four of nearly a 100 features currently. Anyone who has large broadcasting/communication needs (educational institutes, politicians, media companies, geographic areas, NGOs to name a few) will find our application very useful, and drive its adoption (and downloads) among their members. We will be happy to give a full demo of our application when we interact with you.

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