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Education is the foundation of everything, at Lrnr we focus on fixing it organically from within educational institutions. We are trying to help universities and colleges address issues rather than create yet another tutoring solution outside of the college/university.

Modi is trying to fix Indian economy by removing problems stemming from a parallel economy.
Lrnr is trying to fix problems stemming from one-size-fits-all education (personalization), expensive course solutions and tutoring services (additional expense)

Lrnr focuses on 3 key areas;
One: personalize learning for students in foundational STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) areas to help them improve their learning outcomes.
Two: provide rich analytics and data for instructors to identify knowledge gaps proactively enabling them to remediate when students need it the most.
Three: affordability of course materials which is a major factor for students drop out of college. We reduce course materials costs by over 70% for students.


Saved over $4M in course costs for our students to date.
Converted 70% of our free pilot users into paying customers, a number hard to beat.
Raised Series A

Consider being a part of Lrnr if you:
are passionate about our mission,
want to give more than you take,
strongly believe in creating legacy (long-term value) over making money (self-enrichment)
want to invest in human capital development that can solve most of the problems of this world (ignorance, poverty, violence, inequality, quality of life,)
want to learn a lot of life lessons and cutting-edge tech during our journey

Stats on Lrnr's focus markets:

US HigherEd: 21 Million students;
India: 16 Million students

US: 46% of students entering college don't graduate;
India: More unqualified students are granted a degree due to lack of regulation.
Result: underemployment & unemployment. US students who drop out have very little means of paying their student debt.
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Data Scientist - Algorithms

Place: Bangalore Who you are: Algorithms rockstar with experience in design and dev of Recommender Systems and ML models Additional mojo you may have: - GraphDB, Traversals, NLP, conversational bots - Experience in rapid prototyping, TDD, and continuous delivery. - If you are a full stack...