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Treasured memories recreated in a oil on canvas painting


In recent years, the ubiquity of smartphones has meant that everyone is able to take superior high resolution pictures. As a result, the value of a photograph is greatly diminished.

Lovarte will do something creative and special. We will take a client's most treasured memories and create an actual oil on canvas painting just for them. The client receives a one of a kind painting. That is certainly more special than the thousands of pictures they have on their phones. In the process, we want to bring the client back to 200 years ago when the only way to memorialise a special event was to have an artist create a painting. Note that this is NOT a canvas on print. We have highly skilled artists who will create an actual oil painting.

This is a niche market, where it is truly artistic and creative. And more importantly, in creating this product, WE MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. That intangible aspect of the job is not something you can find in most other businesses.

So come...join us...you will not regret it.

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