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Discover and access your airport oasis

Discover and access your airport oasis

There are few guarantees in air travel. Delays, cancellation, and misconnects are never within our control, but having a place to make the most of your time in the airport is. LoungeBuddy was created as your answer to finding a place to relax, be productive, or just get away from it all. LoungeBuddy is the only single resource for travelers to discover, book, and access airport lounges worldwide. The LoungeBuddy platform enables over 400 lounges in 70 countries to merchandise and generate revenue from their excess capacity by providing access to travelers seeking an elevated airport experience.

Our team is made up of a diverse set of colorful personalities from across the world. Next to our insatiable passion for travel, there’s our unwavering ambition and the seemingly-unattainably high standard that we set for ourselves. To give you a glimpse into LoungeBuddy's culture, check out our annual company retreat: loungebuddy.com/blog/teamcation-2018-loungebuddys-4th-annual-retreat

Brent Griffith

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Founder at LoungeBuddy -- backed by Founders Fund, acquired by American Express (April 2019)
Founder @LoungeBuddy • cofounder @Redux • angel investor • Top 25 Entrepreneur <25 by Businessweek 2x in a row • global travel expert and media guru.

Zac Altman

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Founder & CTO of @LoungeBuddy • Founder of Taxi Pro (Australia) - sold at 19 • Worked at @Punchey, goCatch and @GiveEasy • Loves travel and food.
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