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Wireless Water Intelligence

Wireless Water Intelligence

Lōtik Technology provides a point-of-use, non-intrusive, water monitoring solution that creates immediate water and cost savings. Lōtik sensors are simple to install, as they clamp onto existing pipes and plumbing fixtures in order to measure water flow and quickly identify leaks. This allows for the measurement of flow and the identification of leaks at the appliance / fixture level (dishwasher, sink, toilet, shower, etc) - helping to significantly reduce both hot and cold water. The cloud-based portal continually measures flow, detects anomalies, and increases savings by immediately alerting the individual of water leaks. Actionable data is provided in three ways: through email reports, a API, or a dedicated dashboard.

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Ely Greenberg

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Successful project leader, water entrepreneur, chemical engineer, builder, and Django developer - Keep the group together and get the job done!

Shane Eten

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Co-Founder @Lōtik • Founding Board Member @Divert • Works at @Samsung Accelerator