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Lore IO is a collaborative data preparation platform

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We connect data analysts and business users directly to their valuable data -- no matter where it lives -- by removing the expensive and cumbersome plumbing of big-data analytics.

Our platform uses AI to minimize the time and effort it takes to build powerful data applications and deliver business insights. It offers core technologies, data virtualization, and universal data layer that enrich today’s big data implementations to blend data from every source, automate the discovery of actionable insights, and fully become data-driven.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Lore IO was founded by veterans of WalmartLabs, and battle-hardened in highly performant transaction environments. Our platform launched in 2016 and is now used by Knowlarity, ThredUp, TVF Media, and many other medium and large companies across countries and industries. We are well funded by top-tier investors.

Lore IO is the perfect place to build a business, on a cutting edge technology, build a company, and have fun all at the same time. Take end to end ownership and build things that deliver value to our customers.

Everyone from engineers to sales works on delivering value to our customers by participating in efforts across the board.
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