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Lore IO is a collaborative data preparation platform

Business Analyst & Solution Engineers

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Today any company looking to extract value from their data is today forced to spend 80% of their resources, time and effort in making the data actionable - be it for insights, analytics, ML/AI or operationalization. Lore IO is squarely targeting to dent this problem. Lore IO has built a collaborative platform that enables companies in realizing value from their data faster, easier at a significantly lower cost. The Lore IO platform simplifies the process of integrating, preparing, and re-shaping data using our novel schema virtualization technology. Lore IO is a well-funded, early-stage startup. After roughly a year in market, Lore IO already has several
industry-leading customers from a variety of verticals, with millions of dollars in annual recurring


Lore IO engineering team is a small but diverse group of data scientists from top universities and veteran hackers who are experts in search, analytics, machine learning, and data mining with proven track record of successful startups as well as large companies experience.


Lore IO works with large enterprises in solving their Data Preparation Challenges. In this role you would be the primary contact for a customer and responsibilities would include:
- Preparing and giving custom demos for industry specific use-cases with publicly available sample data
- Driving end to end POC working with customer (technology + business), and Lore IO's sales team, implementation team and product team
- Understanding customer's business requirements, proposing a solution and documenting it for Implementation engineer to refer to.
- Working with QA team to prepare the test cases and ensuring zero-issue delivery within given timelines.
- Conducting training sessions for customers, increasing adoption and collecting feedback for product as well as implementations team.
- Maintaining long-term partnerships with customers, making sure that delivered solutions stay relevant and well adopted by customer. Right candidate should be able to raise and resolve alarm before customer.


- experience with Customer success and building solutions for large enterprises
- familiarity with project management and customer software development lifecycle development methodologies.
- hands-on experience with Cloud Platforms (ex: AWS, BigQuery, Azure, ...)
- 2+ year programing experience in previous jobs.
- familiarity with SQL concepts ( LoreIO platform auto-generates the requisite SQL but understanding the underlying concepts is important )
- good conceptual grasp of data schema and mapping various data operations to structured/semi-structured data

- Technology Background with 5+ years experience with startups.
- 5+ years in customer facing Business Analyst or Solution Engineer roles.
- Customer empathy
o good listening and communication skills
o strong sense of ownership and championing customer needs
o productivity

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Janardan Prasad

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Founder @Autowale, Worked@Infosys, Worked@MediaLab, Volunteer@Vibha

Praveen Dua

Avatar for Praveen Dua
Data Scientist/Software Engineer Principal Engineer, Atheros, Qualcomm Ph.D. Physics, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bill Chickering

Avatar for Bill Chickering
Chief Architect @Lore IO . Lead Data Scientist @HeadSpin. MSCS @Stanford. PhD Physics @Caltech. BA Physics @University Of California, Berkeley.

Maurin Lenglart

Avatar for Maurin Lenglart
Full stack engineer with a focus on highly scalable systems. 5+ years of experience at designing and building highly scalable APIs, and pipelines

Cristian Constantin Olarasu

Avatar for Cristian Constantin Olarasu
Head of Product @Lore IO

Digvijay Lamba

Avatar for Digvijay Lamba
Founder and CEO, Lore IO

Lore IO at a glance

Lore IO is a collaborative data preparation platform

Lore IO focuses on Data Integration, Cloud Data Services, Big Data Analytics, and Data. Their company has offices in Sunnyvale. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.getlore.io or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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