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Lore IO is a collaborative data preparation platform

Lore IO is a collaborative data preparation platform

Lore IO is a Collaborative Data Preparation Platform that helps companies ingest and unify disparate data sets from hundreds or thousands of sources. It generates standard outputs without the need for engineers to develop procedural ETL and data pipelines. Lore IO customers unlock the full value of their data by empowering business users to collaborate on and use datasets that are initially hard to understand, reconcile, and blend. The Lore IO platform abstracts all the complex semantics of how the data is captured and joined together, enabling customers to instantly validate business logic in support of a wide range of use cases. Lore IO takes an agile approach to partnering with new customers. It seeks to explore strategic projects that will make a material impact on the business and then structure a partnership that demonstrates value immediately and scales from there.

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Digvijay Lamba

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Founder and CEO, Lore IO