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Flutter & Firebase Engineer / Associate Founder / Side Hustle

No salary • 5.0% – 20.0%
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LOOP Messenger (Loopmessenger.com) is pioneering a side-hustle Associate Co-Founder team that contributes time in return for a generous equity stake and the opportunity to scale LOOP Messenger into a leading group messaging product. Think of LOOP Messenger 2.0 as a consumer friendly Slack targeting the small and medium enterprise market while offering a freemium alternative to Facebook groups.

If you are capable Flutter and/or Firebase developer with entrepreneurial spirit and the life circumstances to be a co-founder, please read on.

Experienced mobile app developer who has built apps in Flutter and optionally has experience with Firebase services and Cloud Firestore.

- 1+ years of professional Flutter & Firebase development experience
- Team player with excellent written and verbal English communication skills

- 5-20 hours of weekly development time - starts as a side-hustle
- Generous equity compensation
- Fully compensated upon our next funding event expected in 2020


Why are we doing this? To assemble a team of co-founders while minimizing risk. Unlike a normal early-stage role where you are required to commit full-time, Associate Founders contribute a modest amount of time (5-20 hours per week) each week, minimizing their risk while benefiting from the upside of a co-founding role.

What type of people are Associate Founders? Highly self motivated individuals with expertise in their respective roles. If you are a highly skilled professional and an entrepreneur in-spirit who wants to have substantial impact in building an early stage company (without assuming all the risk) you are the type of candidate we are seeking.

How do Associate Founders get paid? You’ll receive a generous equity stake in the company up until a funding event occurs. Upon the next funding event, each role will convert to a fully compensated position and full-time role.

How do I apply? Apply here via AngelList and leave us a short intro on why the Associate Founder role appeals to you.

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Leonardo Deleon

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Hi! Currently I'm working as an Android Developer and what I like about my job is to bring ideas to life and create great experiences to share with the users.

Nick Kluskowski

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Creative Lead @ West Monroe Partners / Previously Sr. UX Designer @ GoKart Labs, UX Designer @ Folklore Digital, IxD Intern @ IDEO Cambridge