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Real-time 3D Avatars for AR, Collaboration & Conversational AI



Nicolas Popravka

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Dave Stevens

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Sr Product Engineer at Loom.ai

Lukas Kuczynski

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Computer Vision Engineer @Loom.ai

Jiqing Wu

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working for loom.ai now, went to ETH Zurich.

Tijmen Verhulsdonck

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Double MSC in embedded systems, with a passion for deep learning. Currently focused on neural networks designed for real-time execution.

Inaki Navarro, PhD

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Robotic and machine learning engineer with 10+ years of experience focused on the algorithmic aspects. Machine learning applied to perception & robotic control

Du Bois Eloi

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C++ Expert, experiences in visual FX for the cinema industry, medical software, Homeland Security, finance, opensource.
Computer Vision and Computer Geometry application developer

Vivek Verma

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jihyun yoon

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Senior Technical Designer at Loom.ai

Senthil Radhakrishnan

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Deep Learning Engineer, Computational Scientist, Worked at NASA

Joshua Gustafson

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Exceptional software engineer with a decade and a half of experience shipping solid software products.

David Harmon

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Ian Sachs

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Principal Engineer @Loom.ai ; Worked at @Industrial Light & Magic and @Adobe Systems Research; @Princeton University Computer Science

Hunter Blanks

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Candidate, MSc Medical Statistics, LSHTM. Backend Engineer at Loom.ai
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Board members and advisors

Former COO/GC of Lucasfilm Ltd.
First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.
Jeremy Bailenson is founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and Thomas More Storke Professor in the Department of Communication
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Former team

Dominic Monn

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Nikhil Mehta

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Flynn, Michael

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Erwan Maigret

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