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Personalized expressive 3D avatars from photographs for chat, mobile AR, VR, e-commerce

Product Engineer

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Loom.ai is enabling a new era of virtual communication through the creation, animation and sharing of personalized, 3D avatars. Based in San Francisco, and an alumni of the Y Combinator Fellowship, the Academy Award-winning team has created a best-in-class solution powered by deep learning, computer vision and visual effects. Loom.ai recently announced its partnership with Samsung which brings its fully embedded SDK solution to power ‘AR Emoji’ on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices.

In just seconds, Loom.ai can take a single photograph and transform it into a fully representative, 3D avatar as personalized as the individual by recognizing the many nuances that make each face unique. Animatable and expressive in real-time, these avatars can be used to power current and future applications in mobile messaging, entertainment, AR/VR, e-commerce, video conferencing, broadcasting and more. Our current team comprises multiple PhDs, has decades of experience writing industry-strength software for VFX/games along with a keen eye for scaling/infrastructure, very strong research creds (papers in SIGGRAPH/SCA/CVPR), and three Sci-Tech Oscars.

As the Product Engineer, your responsibility will be to integrate and support Loom.ai's avatar SDK's in Unity and similar real-time 3D game engines. You will also be working closely with our current customers in mobile AR and help onboard 3D developers in new market segments.

* 5+ years of professional game programming experience in Unity3D or similar real-time 3D engine.
* Proven track record of shipping premium consumer product experiences in games, AR/VR, or mobile.
* Experience with character animation including a solid understanding of animation, skinning, blendshapes, etc.
* Experience with performance profiling and optimization for desktop and mobile environments.
* Very strong programming skills (C#, C++ 11/14).
* Experience with scalable production practices, including code management, CI, testing and review.
* A great communicator, collaborator, self-starter and team player.
* Strong desire to onboard and support external developers and users of the API.

* Experience using the facial rigging system in ARKit.
* Experience implementing an avatar system for VR.
* Experience for interfacing with writing/using external native plugins.
* Strong knowledge of 3D Vector mathematics, real-time graphics, physics, animations.
* 3D look development and shaders for Unity.
* Experience with technical writing.

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