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Personalized expressive 3D avatars from photographs for chat, mobile AR, VR, e-commerce

Computer Graphics Engineer

$80k – $150k • 0.05% – 0.15%
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Loom.ai is a venture-backed tech company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Loom.ai enables a new era of virtual communication by automatically converting selfies into expressive 3D avatars. The core technology leverages Loom.ai’s deep expertise in computer vision and machine learning combined with VFX magic to create life-like human face visualizations. The animatable and expressive faces can be used to power applications in messaging, live streaming, AR, VR, gaming, e-commerce and virtual classrooms for individuals and businesses around the world. Loom's API is currently in private beta and is being actively integrated into mobile platforms with millions of users. Our current team comprises multiple PhDs, has decades of experience writing industry-strength software for VFX/games/ML and Computer Vision, a keen eye for scaling/infrastructure, very strong research creds (papers in SIGGRAPH/SCA/CVPR), and three Sci-Tech Oscars. You have an opportunity to join us at a pre-series A stage and have a direct impact on shipping applications with millions of users.


- Experience with OpenGL (both core and ES) and more advanced realtime rendering techniques
- Knowledge of scene-graphs and integrations with a rendering pipeline
- Knowledge of common computer animation constructs and skills such as skinning, texturing, keyframe animation, etc. including file formats and conversion
- Strong C++ programming skills and object-oriented design
- Ability to write organized, efficient, readable and reusable code
- OSX, iOS, and Android experience
- Strong communication and collaboration skills


- Mobile app development. Especially for 3D applications
- Experience with WebGL and/or other web-based 3D frameworks
- Advanced shader design possibly including environment lighting and shadows
- Experience programming in Unity or Unreal engine
- 5+ years of industry experience in writing tools or engines for games or VFX
- Proven ability to lead feature development from concept definition to shipping product

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