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Personalized expressive 3D avatars from photographs for chat, mobile AR, VR, e-commerce


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Dovey Wan

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General Partner at Dentsu Ventures, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of PrimePartners,Inc University of Southern California, MBA

GFR Fund

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GFR Fund is a San Francisco-based venture capital fund that invests in early-stage technology startups disrupting digital media and entertainment.

Zach Coelius

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First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.

Joe Kraus

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Long-time entrepreneur. Current partner at @GV

Greg Castle

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Managing Partner @ Anorak Ventures, a Silicon Valley seed-stage venture capital firm focused on frontier technology.

Amitt Mahajan

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Co-founder/CTO, @Rare Bits; Managing Partner, @Presence Capital: AR & VR venture fund; Co-creator, FarmVille; Investor in @Airtable, @OYO, @Flipkart, @Uber + many others