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AI Health Online Severe Diseases Tracking Technology

Backend python data scientist, hardware developer

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Longevity InTime Biotech LLC (Delaware, USA) is associated with the interaction of technology with humans, "we help the code to help people"! We will be glad if you help us to launch AntiCoronaVirus online tracker based on our MVP 1.0 (AntiObesity) and help the current team not to delay launching MVP with version 2.0, which will fight Stroke & Heart attack.

We continue to assemble an international team and recently released the first version of MVP, according to the brief description of the product (in the link below). The terms indicated in the brief are given for guidance and may vary depending on the competencies recruited by new team members.

We want to build something special with small steps, which we can be proud of. We believe that we can, by making an online tracker, catch diseases at the stages where no one has caught them yet and give recommendations on how to avoid these diseases. Scientists have proven that any disease can be avoided by catching it long before the time of the disease. We believe that in doing so we will increase life by an average of 20 years.

We can be useful to each other if you are satisfied with our form of payment - a share in the authorized capital of our company for part-time work in your free time.

We evaluate in money and what will be the result, we fix in an agreement
where it will be clearly written that if the output is what you agreed on and +/- meet the deadlines, then your share is yours, if there are significant deviations from the results and deadlines ( we will write in the contract), then the share either does not transfer or is much smaller, but with the right to return to the original size, if you correct the situation or bring something significant to the company (speed up the next stage of development, etc.). Our team believes that this scheme of work is not free, but rather paid at times more than the current real cost of your costs, because by the time of the sale of part of the share, the share will increase.

Why is our company considered less risky than another - because we are in a biotechnological trend, in the trend of distance medicine and in the trend of the market of goods and services aimed at prolonging an active life of a person. How many such companies do you know?

We convert this to a fraction based on the assumption that the company is now worth $ 34.1 million. The assessment is determined by the progress of the company on the current date, the assessment of external consultants and potential investors, transactions with the current team of 25 IT developers, 7 shareholders, 10 experts and, of course, the inherent potential. We are the first startup in the world with so many like-minded people working for the end result without traditional salaries in the field of biotechnology. The whole team believes in what we are building, so it invests its time and part of its life in a product created by our own hands. Team, experts are from 11 countries and speak 6 languages.

However, after 2-3 months of trial period we can offer described in this vacancy cash to successful teammate.

We already have a development team with these competencies, but we want to strengthen it: mobile and backend developers with a must: Django 2+ years, Django REST framework, Python 3.7, PostgreSQL, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Nginx. Would be a plus: Gunicorn, Vue/React JS, GCP Pub/Sub, GCP Compute Engine, GCP Functions

Also need help with the design and development of UI / UX design. We are
looking for team leads. iOS development team we want to add specialists with the knowledge of Swift, RxSwift, MVC/MVVM, AutoLayout+IB, Codable to correct / upgrade UI, to write modules in RIBs architecture, work with data modules coding from backend Moya -> Codable -> CollectionView/TableView

The back office needs technical and business analysts, marketing managers, SMM specialists, sales, lawyers - in general, we are completing the formation of the team in the next week, we are considering candidates who are ready to study if we have not yet managed to get used to something.

We pay special attention to the development of Data Science, Big Data, ML,
AI, Data Mining, Computer Vision, and the applicants with knowledge in the
fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. We are looking for
specialists in hardware (wearable electronics) and RDT (rapid diagnostic

Our stage today: PoC (proof of concept), finished MVP AntiObesity (14
parameters), development of AntiCoronaVirus (14 parameters)
Tech Stack &

Our nearest development plan, which will be completed soon:
1) Custom Usermodel; 2) Pages for website (incl. Dashboard, Login / Logout,Register) 3) CMS / Admin panel. 4) DataBase for health parameters. 5) Upgrading MVP for obesity 6) The development of an algorithm that creates a private forecast of the life span of a specific person based on an array of data (marked up information) according to the dependence of certain diseases on specific parameter indicators (analyzes and other bio-dates) of a particular person. 7) Upgrading MVP AntiCoronaVirus.

Longevity InTime BioTech at a glance

AI Health Online Severe Diseases Tracking Technology

Longevity InTime BioTech focuses on Biotechnology, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Their company has offices in Wilmington. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.intime.digital

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