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Chief Compliance Officer

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The Logos Network is a next-generation crypto network that provides hyper-scalable transaction infrastructure, from microtransactions to large scale B2B transfers. Optimizing for practical real-world use, the Logos architecture provides better performance than centralized networks at a dramatically lower cost.

As part of our turnkey payments solution, we are developing a full-reserve stablecoin pegged one-to-one to the U.S. dollar, thus combining the stability and usefulness of fiat currency and the openness and efficiency of distributed ledger technology. This will enable fully peer-to-peer and secure USD-denominated transactions at a dramatically lower cost than current payment solutions.

Job Description:

A primary part of this position is to monitor and ensure the successful implementation of our AML policy and KYC program. This involves monitoring the platform for malicious, fraudulent, and illegal activity. A proactive approach should be taken here which aims to prevent such activity in the first place. Other essential parts of this role include: anticipating the needs of a dynamic and innovative business, collaborating with cross-functional teams to design data-driven solutions, and adapting to shifting priorities across multiple projects. As the chief compliance officer you will assume ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the company conducts its business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Lastly, our ideal candidate is a dynamic and driven professional, who sees the potential of Logos and has a genuine interest in cryptocurrency.


- Draft and revise company policies to ensure that all internal processes and procedures are adequately documented and remain compliant with all applicable policies, laws, and regulations at all times.
- Successfully monitor compliance and requirements regarding KYC, AML, and data protection and ensure that risks are mitigated.
- Provide legal advice to management in regards to corporate activities, regulatory issues, risks and compliance.
- Prepare and maintain records required to demonstrate data protection compliance.
- Perform ongoing risk assessment and evaluations, analyze risks as well as identify, document, and quantify the current and future risks.
- Educate and train employees on regulations and compliance best practices, raising overall compliance and risk awareness within the business. Be the point person for questions and concerns related to compliance.
- Communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external counsel, public authority, etc.), and build trusting relationships.
- Partner with the General Counsel when working with the preparation of disclosure documents, leveraged finance arrangements, international transactions, corporate formation, etc.
- Stay abreast of current trends in the cryptocurrency industry.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: these are legally required

- Must have a minimum of three years experience in performing compliance for a money transmitter or a bank consistent with the proposed responsibilities listed above
- Must demonstrate that he or she has undertaken acceptable, current training on topics directly related to the activities and business of the money transmitter and his or her function as a compliance officer
- Must have or be pursuing the credential of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

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