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Intelligent Logistics

Sr. Front End Developer ( 4-8 years)

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You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it"
- Bane

When you build Software that automates the real world, the above is the difference, between doing it in first world and developing nations. Production solutions for Developed world, look like cute hobby projects in India or Indonesia.

That is where the challenge is, that is where the Magic is. Today our work at Locus, is automating Logistics decisions, in the most complex real world scenarios, at an unprecedented depth, scale, in production, for profit. If you bought something online recently, chances are we routed it for you.

To interface with our algorithms & systems, we have browser based dashboard. Elegance is complex, it hides away the math, and sparkles the aesthetics. It rivals desktop suite in functionality, and we want the same level of responsiveness. It is hard. We need your help.

We use the below as our primary toolkit:

Most part of the work is around a dashboard where clients are able to track, monitor and control their fleet. The product poses unique challenges in creation of components that can handle high data flow and interactivity. The team often rewrites libraries or creates one from scratch as we find most libraries are written with a feature-first mentality and often loose focus on performance. We are working on a React Redux stack on a good sized codebase (~250k LOC) creating highly scalable, reusable components.

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Geet Garg

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CTO RideSafe, previously founded PinChat, ex-AWS engineer at Amazon. Bachelor's and Master's Computer Science, IIT
Engineer@Locus, Frontend in React-Redux, Backend in Java-Spring in and Android Dev.

Palash Karia

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Front-End Developer + Designer at Locus.sh

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