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Biological Intelligence (BI) applied to branding

Biological Intelligence (BI) applied to branding

Locomizer AffinityBI algorithm powers two of its flagship products: AffinityProfiles and AffinityPlaces - global databases of user and place interest profiles accessible via a set of APIs in real-time and at scale:

• AffinityProfiles: the result of retrieving customer interests from their location history and outputting distinctive user interest profiles showing user interest levels (affinity scores) towards specific activities, essential for relevant targeting, recommendations, all kinds of personalization and user matching.

• AffinityPlaces: provides detailed, rich and contextual knowledge of any given place by the level of customer interest to a certain activity at certain points in time. This is a result of the aggregation, anonymization, and extrapolation of individual user interest profiles to the whole population. It empowers marketers to make a decision of "WHEN AND WHERE TO TARGET THEIR AUDIENCE."

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Founder of @locomizer. MS, Applied Mathematics, UdSU, Izhevsk, Russia. 12 yrs SW dev .NET and Java. 5 yrs exp in Japan managing overseas dev teams.

Alexei Poliakov

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Founder of @locomizer. PhD, Biology. >8 yrs research on pattern formation in Nature. Leading scientific and entrepreneurial teams.

Alex Polyakov

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Founder of @locomizer, a B2B geo-behavioral targeting engine to help companies monetize on targeted recommendations and advertising.
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