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Culture-first approach to hiring talent

Culture-first approach to hiring talent

LocalWork.com is a job search platform that matches job seekers with employment opportunities based on cultural elements, such as the organization’s purpose, work environment, and stage of company. Our partnership network empowers millions of candidates to access culture-rich listings to find the right long-term employment, and employers to finally leverage their biggest selling points to engage job seekers nationwide. Job title and compensation were once the standard factors a job seeker considered, but today’s candidate wants more than a sales position within a 25-mile radius; they find fulfillment in working alongside like-minded people to accomplish a mission that aligns with their values. Unfortunately, traditional job search platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed don’t offer a solution for today’s job seeker who, for example, may want to work for a small startup that supports children in low-income communities or for a medium-sized ad agency located in a “foodie” city.

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Ryan Naylor

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Founder & CEO: VIVAHR. Leveraging company culture to drive hiring engagement. Shark Tank alumni. SaaS Entrepreneur