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Localitree is aggregating the extremely fragmented and offline market of Indian Subcontinent Groceries overseas. Quality/Price/Selection issues, logistics limitations, unreliable delivery, refund & returns- These are only a few of the problems faced by sub continent expats. Obsessed with redefining customer experience through quality and operational excellence, we're reinventing processes to change the way decade old businesses are done. We begin by doing, not afraid of failure, making mistakes, learning and then trying again. Everything we do at Localitree, revolves around a single mission- to delight and have our customers for the next decade (at least).
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Operations Head, Hong Kong

Responsible for day to day management and operations of the Localitree Hong Kong office and maintaining a competent, pro-active and healthy work environment.
Maximising sales revenues and coming up with innovative strategies to implement and generate results.