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If you want to jump on early with a talented team and build a great startup...
OH WAIT! That sound like typical gibberish. Let's try this again.

What makes EpiSocial, Inc. different? How will it change the world? This example from JUDO will help to explain EpiSocial's approach. A young Kanō Jigorō was being bullied as schoolboy in Japan in 1870. He sought out masters in other martial arts, but ultimately started his own dojo in 1882. This is where he perfected an artform that would allow a smaller person to overcome a larger, stronger adversary. This is often done by turning an opponent's energy against them, using leverage to throw an opponent off balance, or even flip them upside down.

A core failure of “the big guys” in the social web has had to do with matters of privacy. Very public failures, which have included heists and misuses of personal data never before seen. The core of EpiSocial's unique technology is built around a revolutionary approach to consumer privacy that literally flips current methods on end. And rather than building just one web service with this solution, we are building a platform that will empower many services to protect privacy while also increasing the value proposition for retailers dramatically. And as it turns out, privacy is a Pandora's box: it's impossible for these big companies to "give back" personal information and start again with the right approach.

JUDO has two main mottos: "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort" and "Mutual Welfare and Benefit." If you believe consumers should be in control of their own information, you want to help flip the consumer web upside down, and you want to make a positive impact on society through your work, then we'd like to hear what you would bring to the table. Whether we're writing clean, beautiful code, or create frictionless user experience, we'll be doing the very discipline work of building a strong platform, a focused company, and an innovative culture for many years to come.


DW Ferrell
Founder, EpiSocial, Inc.
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Software Engineer

Mobile App Development Lead

Posted 2 months ago

If you believe well written code is poetry and have the skill set below, apply to ensure your chance at this ground floor opportunity to build something amazing! This is a programming position and not a management position, but as the development team grows it can become a management position....

Software Engineer

API Development Lead

Posted 2 months ago

Localism Inc. is accepting applications for an Application Developer (Backend Engineer - RESTful API development) Your quick coding and patient team attitude will be comfortable working with our team of 100% remote developers and app designers. Responsibilities: Contribute to product design...