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"Works like Amazon Prime, but for shopping local."

"Works like Amazon Prime, but for shopping local."

Localism Inc. is a Benefit Corporation with a mission to accelerate the local marketplace. Localism is also a movement, to shift consumer spending from major chains to the independent businesses that make up 98% of all businesses. Our flagship platform is Localight™. Localight is universally accepted by brick-n-mortar merchants through existing worldwide payment networks. It is a digital rewards wallet (or smart debit card) that can pay with funds from any US bank – and even the top cryptocurrencies – allowing customers to unlock offers and earn rewards for "shopping local". It helps independent merchants grow foot traffic and repeat visits through transactions. Points can be used at any Localight merchant, like "airline miles" for shopping local. Rewards and offers are personalized based on purchase history. • First universally accepted digital rewards wallet. Supports all US banks, debit cards, and crypto coins (Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum & Litecoin). • Empowers Indie Merchants to compete by offering smartphone ordering, delivery, and push notifications. • Localight customers can pay with the app or smart debit card through existing payment networks. A.I. powered personal shopping that drives sales using chat and voice (Alexa, Siri, Hey Google & Bixby). Blockchain-based loyalty platform increases revenue for independent merchants with measurable results.

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Cofounder @Localism and Director @BARCLAYS based in Singapore.
Founder @Localism, Commissioner for Tech & Innovation at City of Long Beach, CA, designer-founder, advocate for independent merchants.
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