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Farm transparent sourcing for wholesale buyers



Erica Kaplan

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Worked at @Local Bushel

Daniel Reiff

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Marketing Strategy Manager

Ludovica Ferme

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Worked at @Local Bushel

Ivana Matijevic

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Elise Metzger

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VP - Sales and Operations at Local Bushel

Jessica Lowe

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Served as CTO of LocalResponse. Software engineer for over 15 years. Worked as advisor and consultant for several NYC startups. BS Comp Sci from U of MN.

Norman Metcalfe

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Worked at Local Bushel, Handy. Went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Board members and advisors

Co-founder & CTO of: @Resy - Now An American Express Company , @CrowdTwist , @Fotolog , @BlackPlanet. Invested in @getbarkbox, @yearonelabs .

Former team

Caroline Tepper-Marlin

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Kristi Nelson

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Bryn Beeby

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Rakan Ammouri

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Sandra Medrano

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