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Aaron O'Hearn

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Backing founders @Techstars. Starting with who and why, then figuring out what and how later.

Colin Drew

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Director of Sales Operations at LivingSocial. Experienced operator in scaling companies. Problem solver and critical thinker. Team oriented leader.
University of Colorado, Have worked for 3 startups, Love networking and leadership

Megan Conlan

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B2B and B2C content marketer and writer with a journalistic background and endless drive.
CEO/Co-Founder of @LoveCritique, Inc. Strong biz dev background. @University of California, Irvine PMSB 2006.

Peter DeiTos

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Sean Donovan

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Revenue Creator with Sales/Sales Leadership experience selling SaaS, Social Media and Marketing products. Lead distributed teams with $5M to $25M/ARR.

Brian Andrews

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Goal driven, customer- centric and results oriented professional demonstrating consistent achievement of service and sales objectives.

Amy Tognazzini

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Inside Sales Representative at LivingSocial. Worked at College Works Painting, Mai Tai Bar, Graduated California State University Long Beach 2014.
Establishes great relationships, exceeds quota, and excels at critical thinking and innovation. A coachable, leader with an aptitude for learning.

Jennifer Mills

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Blake Joseph

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Matt Aimonetti

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Matt is the Co-Founder of @Splice • Worked at @LivingSocial@Sony Computer Entertainment America (PlayStation) and is an O'Reilly author.

Colin Jones

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Certifiied systems admin 7+ yrs experience. Projects include: system implementations, org mergers, point and click development, data hygiene, org customizations

Samuel Minkoff

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Sr. Business Manager at LivingSocial. Passionate entrepreneur and dedicated problem-solver. Creative visionary with an engineering background.
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Melanie Albert

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Chad Crutchfield

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Adam Lovallo

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Ashley Moghari

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Nik Glaser

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Peter Judge

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