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We design and engineer an Infrastructure Core and Region OS

We design and engineer an Infrastructure Core and Region OS

Living Loop and Region OS

The Loop Core is an infrastructure spine which enables sustainable development by combining transportation and Infrastructure networks into a single distributed product.

Region OS connects IOT components in the area to a single network-ecosystem to allow many different partner organizations to derive individual products & services; while utilizing the same hardware.

Legal Lead

Transportation Analyst

Structural Engineer

IOT Software Engineer

Water Engineer Lead

Logistics and Shipping Systems Engineer

Communication Network Engineer

Transit System Engineer

Senior Vehicle Structures Engineer

Strategy Analyst

An innovative, contrarian thinker with the proven ability to be a change agent in dynamic industries within complex organizations.

Adam Kronenberger

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Matthew de Kretser

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Worked at Agri-Smart Cambodia Experience with SolidWorks, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Went to University of Pretoria (BEng Mech).


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