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Flexible housing.



COO at Flip. Previously Techstars. If there are bugs in our site, it's probably my fault.
Cofounder & CEO of @Flip, making it easier, safer and cheaper for everyone to find housing.


Cristina Mañas

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Daniel van der Merwe

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NYU undergrad, dropped out to work on startup that got funded, full stack developer, willing to take on any challenge; the harder the better.

Alex Hance

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Worked at Flip, Google. Experience with Documentation, Information Technology, Microsoft Windows. Went to The University of Tampa

Daniel van der Merwe

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Co-Founder at Storie

Jose Casanova

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Product Engineer @Flip

Rachel Bell

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Social media whiz with a passion for writing.

Blake Owens

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Asset @Flip

Jon Hargreaves

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Head of Design @Flip

Board members and advisors

Andy Weissman

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Investor at @Union Square Ventures Founder, Chief Operating Officer at @Betaworks

Joanne Wilson

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Businesswoman. New Yorker. Active angel investor. Co-Founder Women's Entrepreneur Festival
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Former team

Burak Aslan

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Anton Amurskiy

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