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Senior Data Engineer

$140k – $160k • 0.1% – 0.5%
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For Flip to offer the best apartments at the right price, we need to be constantly reacting to changing environments in hundreds of cities and thousands of neighborhoods. We've been working on this problem for a while, but now we're hiring our first full time Senior Data Engineer to build out our pricing engine.

As a Senior Data Engineer at Flip, you will:

- Create and compile unique datasets - from a combination of public sources and proprietary data - about apartments and residential real estate;
- Apply statistical and econometric models on large datasets to identify the real impact of a wide variety of factors on apartment value
- Work with the Flip Instant team to locate and target geographic pockets with undervalued supply
- Identify and execute on strategies to take on more leases in new and different geographies

We're looking for engineers that have a lot of fun diving into a problem and owning it end-to-end. This role is one that requires having a very extensive understanding of the problem and the factors going into it. Engineers in this role will have significant amounts of freedom in terms of both approach and execution, so you need to thrive in that environment.

The technologies you'll use are up to you. We have plenty of resources and existing learnings for you to work from, but it's likely we'll want to build a separate service from our core API for this product. You'll have the ability to dictate from ground up.

We're looking for engineers with experience, but it doesn't need to be traditional. Experience with real estate data is useful, but not critical.

What's it like to work at Flip?

Take a look at some of our values: flip.lease/jobs#why-flip

How to apply?

Our application process for engineers is a little bit different. Just make a request to the sendJobApplication mutation on our GraphQL API.

Don't apply using the below form. Your application won't be seen by our team.

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