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Senior Frontend Engineer

$140k – $160k • 0.025% – 0.075%
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At Flip, we're always looking for top tier frontend engineers and designers to join our core product team. From public pages like listings and search to e-signing lease agreements to guiding an Instant user through a move out, Flip aims to create interfaces that inspire trust and transform the extraordinarily tedious process of moving into something bordering on fun.

The core experiences you might be working on:

- Taking Flip Instant users from the moment of purchase to move out. You'll create the core experience of receiving a move out package, setting up automated viewings of their apartment, getting notified about services like cleaning, and any necessary communication or documents required along the way.
- The experience of renting a Flip apartment. Interfaces for putting down and managing security deposits, automating rent payments, requesting a service appointment, and even things like renting furniture or putting items in storage are all fair game.
- Our public facing content and experiences like search, listing pages, Learn content, and building pages. Site speed is an absolute critical measurement for our company, and so you'll work with extreme performance and bundle size constraints.
- The experience of listing an apartment on Flip and reviewing inbound renters. Everything from viewing an initial application with credit and income information, to providing building specific requirements, documents and paperwork.

We're looking for engineers that care about design as much as they care about performance. You'll need to have an attention to detail not just for how things look, but also how they feel. For this role, we like to see examples of frontend experiences that were both designed and built by applicants.

The technologies you'll use are:

- Javascript (quickly transitioning to Typescript)
- React and ApolloGraphQL
- CSS and Sass

We're looking for engineers with experience, but it doesn't need to be traditional. Experience with our specific stack is useful, but not critical.

What's it like to work at Flip?

Take a look at some of our values: flip.lease/jobs#why-flip

How to apply?

Our application process for engineers is a little bit different. Just make a request to the *sendJobApplication* mutation on our GraphQL API (api.flip.lease/graphql).

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Daniel van der Merwe

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Co-Founder at Storie
COO at Flip. Previously Techstars. If there are bugs in our site, it's probably my fault.

Jose Casanova

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Product Engineer @Flip

Blake Owens

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Asset @Flip

Jon Hargreaves

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Head of Design @Flip

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