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Connect. Manage. Sell. Above and beyond livestock farming

Connect. Manage. Sell. Above and beyond livestock farming

LivestockCity is a farmer's tool, as a well as a social networking platform. We can summarize what LivestockCity is by the slogan, "Connect. Manage. Sell." Farmers can connect with other farmers locally and worldwide and build their farming network. The potential outcome to these types of collaborations are unlimited and exciting to us. Secondly, farmers can easily manage their animal records and expenses/income through our SaaS-based management software. This software will be a continual improvement process and will develop according to farmers' needs. Thirdly, we provide a variety of ways to buy/sell animals, food products, and farm related products such as hay, farm equipment, farm vehicles, real estate, etc. In addition to these services, we also allow animal transporters to use the site and offer transportation services. All of this integrated on one site - an online "city" of farmers from around the world. Welcome to LivestockCity!


UX/UI Design Intern (Remote)

Python/Django Intern (Remote)

iOS App Intern (Remote)

Founder LivestockCity.Com • Studied at @Messiah College