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Building the world's open video infrastructure

Building the world's open video infrastructure

Livepeer is building the world's open video infrastructure. Developers building video streaming applications can use Livepeer's network to encode live streaming video with high reliability, at a fraction of the price of traditional cloud providers. Livepeer enables this by creating an open marketplace for excess GPU computing power to compete to encode video, and settles payments through an Ethereum blockchain based system. Every day the Livepeer team focuses on solving hard problems in video focused software engineering, Ethereum and blockchain based development, P2P networking, and more. Everything we build is open source by default, and we have a remote-first engineering team culture and workflow.

Senior Video Infrastructure Engineer

Blockchain Public Network Community Marketing Associate

Senior Software Engineer - Video Transcoding

Founder and CEO @Livepeer. Previous @Wildcard and @Hyperpublic • Studied Computer Science at @University of Pennsylvania

Eric Tang

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Founder @Livepeer • Studied ECE/CS at @Carnegie Mellon University
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