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Rewards-based mobile payment technology



Practiced as Corporate Lawyer | Founded Liven | Passionate about Tech Startups.

David Ballerini

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Engineer, Photographer, Founder of Liven Australia.

Grace Wong

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LLB Hons/Commerce | Practised as corporate lawyer | Working as a marketing executive at a law firm | Co-founder at a fast growing hospitality tech startup Liven


Zan Thomson

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Shahrooz Chowdhury

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Worked at Liven

Linh Tran

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Yihao Shen

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Linh Tran

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Tech enthusiast/ hustler with experience in non-profits and startups, both early and mid stage.

Alix Yang

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Lucien Hopkinson

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Hamish Buttle

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Growth Hacker at Liven. Passionate about scalable ideas to move the needle.

Board members and advisors

Founder of Axia Labs & Blueblock, James Waugh is a driven founder disrupting the traditional financial system and build more equitable economic structures.

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Anna May

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Tomas Canale

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