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Senior backend architect

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Software Architect


Liven has been around for last 4+ years. In 2018, some would say we finally found product-market fit. Since july 2018 we’ve been growing at a rate of 25% month on month and we’re looking to hire to prepare for our scale-up phase. We’re looking for someone with experience in designing and implementing back end systems for large scale applications, and experience with migrating from a legacy architecture to the new system.


- Envision/design/build a microservices based system from a monolithic system
- Leading the devops team to containerize everything, aid observability of the applications by adding monitoring/metrics/tracing systems
- Obsessed with best software engineering practices such as continuous integration, delivery, and deployment
- Enthusiastically follow technology trends, software engineering best practices and technologies
- Coach and mentor team members regarding technology, software design, tools
- Code the critical parts of the system and blueprints/templates for the microservices


- Must have at least 10 years experience in the software industry with 3-4 years as an
- Must have experience in designing/building microservices from the ground up
- Must have designed/worked in highly scalable distributed systems
- Should have experience in working with Docker and Kubernetes
- Should have designed event based/asynchronous systems
- Should have worked in messaging platforms like Kafka
- Should have a good understanding of designing system with Onion/Ports & Adapter Architecture
- Should have worked with SSO/Oauth/OIDC/JWT
- Should have built and deployed software using CI/CD
- Should have worked in at least one NoSQL solution
- Should have worked with Python 2.7 and Django (this is what our legacy system is built on)
- Strong understanding of application security, centralized logging, and network security
- Fluent in all things scaling


- You understand blockchain/cryptocurrency
- You’ve worked in an e-commerce platform
- You’ve worked with AWS


- Python 2.7
- Django
- Postgres 9.5


We’re open to using just about anything.

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