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Talk to Doctors from anywhere

Talk to Doctors from anywhere

LiveMD allows patients in developing countries to talk (voice and video) and text with doctors around the world from any device. LiveMD also allows a patient to schedule time to meet with a doctor in person.

LiveMD has doctors from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Brazil, Bahrain, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and several other countries ready to talk to patients. These doctors have different specialties including cardiologists, dentists, ob-gyn, allergists and several more.

LiveMD supports ALL currencies and timezones. It also supports both computer and mobile user experience.

LiveMD is targetting patients in at least these developing countries including countries in Africa, Asia, and South America
Founder LiveMD • Worked as a lead enterprise architect and consultant at @IBM, @AT&T, @T-Mobile, @DELTA • Studied at @University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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