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Making mental health care accessible

Making mental health care accessible

We have created a safe space for people to learn and understand their feelings, and how to cope them through curated resources and professional help.


Let’s say I am a Japanese citizen living in Singapore. I don’t feel well and I’d like to get professional help. I find one of Lively’s resources by searching for help through Google. I get interested by one of the articles and look further on the website, I see the chat and decide to respond to the asked questions. The chat figured that I’m Japanese, living in Singapore, haven’t been in therapy before, so it recommends me a Japanese speaking practitioner based in Singapore. I have a look at the profile, and it seems that this person would understand me. I decide to book the practitioner for an online session.


Easily manage your clients, accept online payments, calendar integration and online bookings. Helping psychologists and psychiatrists become more productive.

Step by step to a liveable future.

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